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About us
深圳市凱時網站機械設備有限公司專業從事PCB設備研究 、開發 、生產和銷售的高新技術企業 ,匯集了大批具有豐富實踐經驗和理論知識的專業技術人才和管理人才 ,產品不斷推陳出新 ,研發的新產品達到國際先進水平 。

ShenZhen HuaXingSiHai Machinery Equipment Co.,LTD is a professional PCB equipments research.development.production and sales of high-tech enterprises, Bringing together a large number of rich practical expe-

rience and theoretical knowledge of the professional and technical personnel and management personnel, Products constantly bring forth the new through the old, The research and development of new produts has reached the international advanced level.